An Organic Solution To Satisfy All Your Disinfecting Needs

100% Organic, 100% Chemical & Alcohol Free

Effective Against COVID-19

Approved by Switzerland's Federal Office of Public Health as a disinfectant effective in the fight against Influenza and coronavirus viruses
Trusted By Families worldwide

Safe For You And Your Family

Safe to use for pregnant women, children including newborns, and pets
Made In Switzerland

Swiss FDA Approved (ECHA)

Researched and approved by several worldwide organizations.

Kills 99.99% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, And Spores

Within 60 Seconds
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Why should you go organic?

Alcohol & unknown chemicals do more damage than you think

Alcohol sanitizers can cause dry and broken skin, skin irritation, or could weaken your immune system (just to name a few). Anosan does not have any of these adverse side effects.

Harmful Side Effects Of Sanitizers/Disinfectants Containing Alcohol Or Chemicals


Swiss bag

Anosan is manufactured and registered in Switzerland.


Approved and tested by dermatologists with a stamp of excellence.


Tested and researched in EU.