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Fascino Enterprise Inc.: Sole Distributors of Anosan


Always Prioritizing The Safety Of Our Nation

Our Mission

Fascino Enterprise Inc. strives to help the lives of their customers by providing them with quality medical care products coupled with efficient customer service and impactful marketing promotions.

Our cause is to improve the lives of every individual we work with - whether directly through our business and impact work or indirectly through the quality of our products and the lives they better.  

We aim to positively affect the well being, both in the short and long term, of our customers and our shareholders, as well as the communities that surround us and the country at large. We want to provide the best way to approach personal healthcare and benefit those who desperately need it, starting with providing our nation with an organic disinfectant like Anosan, which we believe is a much-needed course of action during these trying times.

Our Vision

We aim to be a pioneer in developing the foundation for the Philippines in healthcare and safety products during and post-COVID-19. 

Our work doesn’t stop with just battling COVID-19, that’s only where our journey towards providing the best disinfection products in the nation begins. 

With a partnership with leading European companies, we hope to one day tackle the water crisis in the Philippines and provide clean water supply. 

Furthermore, we will conduct testing and acquire certification for dermatological application: this will allow treatment of skin diseases, burnings, fungi, mosquito bites, etc.

Our Story

For 7 years we have provided the nation with PPEs that have been used across the healthcare industry. As we look to the future, we see the opportunity to help our countrymen and our nation. Likeminded businesses from abroad have partnered with us to expand our products and services. Thanks to our partnerships with Ecabiotec, Bothmann + Vogler, and Kwork, we can now provide Ecabiotec disinfectants, sanitation supplies and services, testing kits, KN95 masks, sanitation stations, and more options.

Our Humble Beginnings

As a start-up manufacturer in 2013, we produced uniforms for a handful of corporations around the country. Most notably, we serve the healthcare industry with our quality products. When the pandemic hit, we quickly retrofitted our uniform making processes to handle higher volumes of PPE production. Now we provide PPEs across the Philippines directly to front liners.

To A Bright Future

Our cause is to improve the lives of every individuals who we work with—whether directly through our business, or indirectly through the quality of our products and the lives they improve. We aim to positively affect the well-being of our customers both in the short and long term, as well as the communities that surround us and the country at large. We have a wide array of products: test kits, disinfectants, sanitation supplies and services, and more options for PPES such as better masks, ventilators, sanitation stations and more. disinfectants, sanitation supplies and services, and more options for PPEs.


Striving To Be At The Forefront Of This Pandemic

With several partnerships in leading medical companies across Europe and Asia, we aim to provide people with affordable means to protect themselves without compromising quality.

Our commitment is to continually provide excellent support during and after the Covid pandemic.

Our Partners

Partnering With Only The Best In The Industry

Manufacturer of Anosan
Ecabiotec Swiss

Ecabiotec Swiss is a multinational company that is at the forefront of manufacturing disinfectants. Their technology has been used across the globe by both the public and private sectors alike. Their flagship product, Anosan, is a powerful disinfectant composed of 100% mineral origin, and is effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses while being safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Our partnership with Ecabiotec allows us access to numerous healthcare technologies and a global support network that we can utilize and provide for each of our products.

Consultant of Anosan
Bothmann + Vogler

Bothmann + Vogler Solutions is a German based company that has reliably provided support to the healthcare sector for almost five decades. They have been providing energy-saving and hygienic products and services since 1973. They have built up a strong network of supply lines across Europe. Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.